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Rare Mac O’GRADY Videos


Mac O’Grady Blasting Balls While Describing Alignments, Sequencing and Feels! P1-P10

Giving Each Student the Elite Alignments for a Life Long Game of Pure Ball Striking!  

Mac describes a rare insight of Ben Hogans Mechanics - 


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Denmark Class Room Education so good!
2 Hours of Classroom Video!!  I have seen maybe 4 in 25 years...VERY RARE!

Mac O'Grady is the finest Instructor I have ever been with.  I went to a school in vegas in 2003.  That whole experience is inside the Masters of the Game Members Site

What you'll get:

  • Guided Structure
  • Step by Step Training
  • Clarity and Details
  • Taking each Student through MORAD Alignments 
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Mac O’ Grady and Me 2003 Las Vegas!

The Best Ball Striker I Have Ever Seen! 

Mac’s Explanations are detailed and easy to understand.

 INCLUDED IS MACS SHORT GAME FEATURING THE GREAT SEVE BALLESTEROS Techniques- Showing all the Shots - Flops, Bump & Runs! 

Over 70 minutes of Videos of 1 on 1 coaching with me, incredible.

The MORAD Principles of joint alignments, sequencing and power -  all in one have helped  me & my students for over 20 years!

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Mac O’Grady Classroom Seminar 

A Fantastic Rare Indoor Classroom Seminar!  Mac Touching on Key MORAD Principles, Center of Gravity Shifts, Head Positioning, Knee components ..

As a Novice or Expert you will have all you need to start practicing correctly with purpose and focus!

$39.99 USD

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